Sun Devils Model United Nations

Sun Devils Model United Nations (SUNMUN) allows students to tackle complicated global issues while developing crucial skills in public speaking, research, teamwork and negotiation.

Sun Devils Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity comprised of Upper School students passionate about global issues.

In SUNMUN, participants play the part of delegates to the United Nations and simulate the work of UN committees, debating world events and practicing international diplomacy at Model UN conferences in Colorado and across the globe.

As a top Model UN program, SUNMUN teams have joined students from around the world in prestigious conferences at the United Nations in New York City, the World Forum Convention Center at The Hague and in global cities such as Copenhagen, Geneva and Montreal.

SUNMUN students also plan and host an annual Model UN conference for more than 30 schools across Colorado. Our students choose the focus issues—examples include "Restoring Peace to South Sudan" and "Ending Sectarian Violence in Libya"—research and write detailed background guides and organize every detail of the yearly gathering. The planning process encourages deep collaboration and authentic student engagement, providing SUNMUN members with skills that last a lifetime.

National High School MUN gather at  the United Nations in NYC