Mock Trial

Taking students inside the courtroom to develop skills for life!

Kent Denver’s Mock Trial program allows students to learn more about the judicial system while improving their writing, critical thinking and teamwork skills. Students either serve as attorneys or witnesses in a fictitious court case, and compete against other schools at regional and state level tournaments sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association. 

In any mock trial round, three students serve as attorneys to argue their side’s case, and three students serve as witnesses for direct and cross-examinations. Students are awarded points based on their knowledge of the Rules of Evidence, trial procedures, witness character portrayals, and the conviction of their argument. For the trial rounds of tournaments, an actual Colorado judge presides over the competition, often in a real courtroom.

“Doing mock trial has made me a confident speaker, able to think on my feet, and has piqued my interest in the law. The competitions are so fun and I’ve made amazing friends that I might not have met otherwise.”

            —Katie '22