Global Travel

At Kent Denver School, learning extends far beyond our campus thanks to extensive global travel programs in grades 6-12.

Middle School

Middle School is a time of tremendous intellectual and emotional growth. For those students who are ready, travel can broaden horizons and provide life-changing experiences.

Kent Denver provides several unique opportunities for our Middle-Schoolers to travel and learn across the globe.

Globe Trotters

This year-long elective, which debuted in the 2016-17 school year, focuses on a different travel location each year. Over the summer, students and teachers travel to the country they have studied to deepen their appreciation for these unique people, places and cultures.

In 2016, Globetrotter participants explored ancient and modern Peruvian culture including food, language, religion, artwork, music, dance, history, politics and topography. In 2017-18, Japan was the destination and in 2018-19, it was Morocco!

Where will Globe Trotters head next? Only time will tell!


The REEFs I and II electives focus on ocean ecology, marine taxonomy, underwater digital photography and videography, and marine surveying techniques.

After completing training for SCUBA-certification and on-campus work focused on ocean ecosystems, REEFs students participate in a marine science dive trip to the Bahamas, Grand Cayman and more!

Interim Adventures

During our winter Interim, all Middle-Schoolers take a break from their normal schedules to pursue interests and adventures across Colorado and around the globe!

Examples of recent travel interims include cultural explorations and dog-sledding in Quebec City, SCUBA trips to marine ecosystems in the Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Florida Keys, a civil rights history trip to Memphis, TN and choir tours in Orlando, FL and New York City.

Upper School

Upper School students have opportunities to travel, learn and serve others through a number of Kent Denver programs and partners.

Language Immersion

Faculty from Kent Denver's World Languages department regularly offer summer trips that often combine language study, home stays, community service and cultural exploration.

Recent and upcoming trips include summer excursions to China, Costa Rica, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Service Learning

For more than 20 years, Kent Denver faculty have offered summer service-learning opportunities in locations such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Tanzania. By partnering with communities over the course of several years, faculty develop a deep understanding of local culture and cultivate relationships with people and partner organizations that lead to meaningful engagement for students.

During summer service-learning trips, students often stay with local families and contribute to activities, like building schools, that provide long-term benefit. Time for travel and exploration is also built into the trips to ensure students have a broad perspective on the region they are serving. Depending on location, these trips may also serve as a significant language-immersion experience.

Students Shoulder to Shoulder

Kent Denver is a Global Coalition member of Students Shoulder to Shoulder (SStS), an international school of global citizenship with a mission to "inspire and support generations of ethical leaders."

SStS offers high-quality service learning trips to locations across United States and around the globe. Students participate in a pre-trip online curriculum, conduct meaningful and life-changing work during their travels and share their experiences with the school community in post-trip reports.

Our faculty regularly serve as leaders of SStS trips, and many Kent Denver students have benefited from participation in SStS activities.