Ethics Day

Since its creation in 2010, Ethics Day has encouraged students in grades 6-12 to grapple with the consequence of personal decisions that have broader implications in areas such as human rights, the environment, economics, technology, health care, scientific advances and global issues.

Ethics Day is planned by a committee of student leaders with the assistance of faculty advisors. The committee chooses and develops the day's theme, selects films or guest speakers and assists students and faculty in creating nearly 50 seminars that explore specific ethical questions.

Kent Denver’s Distinguished Alumni Award is also presented on Ethics Day. Award winners share words of wisdom with students and their stories provide inspiration for a Kent Denver education.

Mission and Themes

Ethics Day celebrates and promotes ethical inquiry by providing the opportunity for the Kent Denver School community to explore ethical challenges while reinforcing the school’s core values.

Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of Kent Denver alumni who represent "Extraordinary distinction and success in fields of endeavor, commitment to community service, and/or exceptional leadership in one's community while successfully carrying forward ‘excellence in scholarship and character’."

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Past Ethics Day Themes

2008: First Ethics Day
2009: Ethics in Action, Ethics on Film
2010: Ethics in Health and Health Careers
2011: Ethics of Food
2012: Ethics of Risk and Uncertainty
2013: Ethics of Perception, Identity and Reality
2014: Ethics for the Future
2015: Ethics of Education: Mind, Body, and Soul
2016: Ethics of Empathy: You, Me and Everyone Else
2017: The Ethics of Truth: It's Not What You Think
2018: The Ethics of Competition: How Far is Too Far?
2019: The Ethics of Power: Where Do You Stand?

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Madeleine Korbel Albright ’55
Steffie Allen ’55
Duke Beardsley ’88
Pamela Davis Beardsley ’54
Hal Bruff '61
Miriam D. Budinger ’55
Briana Burton ‘95
Roxana Rogers DeSole ‘69
Chris Gibbons ’96
Callae Buell Gilman ’40
Patrick A. Grant ’63
Stephen Grynberg ‘80
Annie Harrington ‘99
Barbara Johnson Hartley ’38
Sarah MacDougall Hirshland '93
Rebecca Love Kourlis ’70
Lara S. Merriken ’86
Erik A. Myhren ’84
William Eric Mosley ’77
Peter J. Neidecker ’73
Ann Northrop ‘66
Brett Perlmutter '05
Doug Trevor ‘88
Amy Slothower ‘90
Shanon Richard Yates ’87