Entrepreneurial Opportunity Network (EON)

Kent Denver's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Network, or EON, was created to support our current students who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Through EON, students can learn from Kent Denver alumni who already have experience forging their own path.

Kent Denver’s alumni have quite the track record of entrepreneurial success. From Lara Merriken ’86, who created the healthy energy bar LÄRABAR, to Chris Gibbons ’96, who founded the network of public charter preparatory schools called STRIVE, Kent Denver’s graduates have gone into the world with ideas to change it and make it better, and they have brought these ideas to wonderful fruition.

In- and outside of the classroom, EON encourages students to be active, to collaborate, discuss, think and do. Our students are not being told what to think, but instead they are being given the opportunity to think. And they are learning that their thinking matters and can translate into action.

Present Kent Denver entrepreneurial opportunities include courses such as AP Economics, Business Economics and Ethics and The Business of the Entertainment Industry; clubs like Sports Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance; and other programs including Independent Study and Career Internship Experience.

Kent Denver is about ideas. EON is about executing them.

Interested in Learning more about EON?

Students, parents, alumni and anyone else with an interest in the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Network should contact Phil Klein, Kent Denver's EON Chair and Director of Development!

Phil Klein

Director of Development, Economics Teacher