Community Service

Kent Denver's Community Service Program connects our students to local, national and international communities in need through sustained, meaningful relationships. This work broadens student horizons and makes the world a better place.

Our strong commitment to community service is reflected in the fact Kent Denver students collectively provide more than 15,000 volunteer hours to the community each year.

Students doing community service at a soup kitchen, youth art experience and Tiny Farm


Upper School Community Service

As members of a community that values responsible citizenship, Kent Denver students independently participate in a wide variety of service opportunities in Colorado and around the globe. A minimum of 80 hours must be successfully completed during a student’s high school career as part of the graduation requirement. Of these hours, 40 must be logged in with a single organization. Documentation of hours needs to be completed by the students through our online Community Service Form.

Required hours are prorated to 20 hours/year for Upper School students who enter Kent Denver after 9th grade.

Students can begin accumulating hours toward this requirement at the beginning of their freshman year. All service hours and documentation must be completed by spring break of senior year.

For Upper School Students

Middle School Service Learning

The Service-Learning Program at Kent Denver is a researched-based, experiential approach to learning which occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students seek to achieve real objectives for the community. This approach to service is rooted in the academic curriculum allowing students to connect and apply their learning to real-world problems impacting the Denver metro area.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students will work together in grade-level teams for a year-long deep dive to investigate all aspects of a central theme.

Sixth-grade students will consider the theme of Hunger and Homelessness. Through formal study and research, students will investigate the root causes of poverty and food insecurity.

Under the theme of Our Impact on Our Community, seventh graders will study environmental change including air quality, water rights and the accessibility of natural resources in the metro area.

Eighth graders will investigate Changes in Society over time and how demographic changes in Denver have been influenced by topics like immigration and gentrification.


Find Community Service Opportunities

Teen volunteers blowing bubbles with preschooler

Students at a soup kitchen service line