Social Responsibility & Impact

Kent Denver has long supported community service and service learning—both bedrocks of student emotional and academic growth, as well as ethical leadership and citizenship development. 

Students making aid kits for kids in Ukraine

The KDS Community Service and Service Learning Programs work to guide students in: 

  • Developing awareness of and taking responsibility for their social, physical, and natural environments through independent and collaborative work for the benefit of others, our communities and the environment. 

  • Understanding the local, national, and international impacts of their decisions, actions and footprint. 

  • Advocating and acting to bring about positive change. 

Through our Upper School Community Service program and our Middle School Service Learning program, Kent Denver students collectively provide more than 15,000 volunteer hours each year.

Learn about each of the programs below!

Questions? Contact Lucas Carmichael (Upper School) or Laurie Chandler (Middle School). 



Upper School Community Service

Kent Denver student volunteering at a senior care facility

Kent Denver Upper School students independently participate in a wide variety of community service opportunities with non-profit organizations as part of their graduation requirement. 

A minimum of 80 hours—including at least 40 hours with a single primary organization—must be successfully completed during a student’s high school career as part of the graduation requirement.

For Upper School Students

Middle School Service Learning

The Middle School Service Learning approach embraces three key strategic tenets—mastery, agency, and belonging—by asking students to embody the roles of expert, advocate and change-maker. 

With the guidance of their teachers, students connect the academic curriculum to contemporary social and environmental challenges, build empathy and collective voice, apply learning and innovation, and lead their peers to act, reflect and measure positive impact in local, national or international communities. Students are expected to engage in grade-specific experiential learning and objective setting, as well as division-wide reflection and leadership activities. 


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