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For College Admission Officers

Welcome College Admission Officers! Thank you for your interest in Kent Denver School and our students. We have 116 seniors in the Class of 2020, all of them college bound!

How to Schedule a Visit

Kent Denver School invites any college or university that is a NACAC member and has received at least one application from a Kent Denver student within the past three years to schedule a visit during the weeks of the Denver Metro College Fairs (September 29–October 5). To schedule a visit to Kent Denver School, please click here. If you are unable to schedule at a day or time that you were hoping to visit Kent Denver, please call or email us for alternatives:

There are a great many schools to which Kent Denver students have not applied in the past three years; we regret that we cannot accommodate all of the schools that wish to visit us during this exceptionally busy two-week period. We would be happy to host you at another point during the fall or spring when we are better able to provide the time and attention to learn more about your school. Last fall (September–November) we hosted over 200 visits from colleges and universities and therefore appreciate your understanding of our visit policy. Please contact us at with any questions.

We partnered with to make the scheduling process faster and easier. Log in here to choose from a number of available dates and times. If you would prefer to schedule your visit by phone or email, please contact our registrar, Janet Hurtt, at (303) 770-7660, ext. 229 or

To view the Kent Denver School College Profile, please click here.

Key Facts about Kent Denver