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At Kent Denver, we encourage our students to grow intellectually, and we provide them with an array of activities, from the arts to athletics, and from clubs to service organizations. These opportunities allow students to explore their interests and talents. In order to be ready for the college selection process, Kent Denver students should seek challenges, work hard at their studies, pursue their interests, and enjoy their high school experience.

"I think for most Kent Denver students, it is liberating to know that the student is in control of his/her own college applications."
- Kent Denver Alumnus

Kent Denver's College Counseling program empowers students to find the appropriate next step for their continued education and lifelong learning through a process of reflection, research and exploration of options. Here, we work together with students, parents and faculty to guide students in the process of finding schools that will further develop their academic and personal growth. The college search and application process are exciting and involve time and effort. Parents and college counselors play an important role in the college selection process; however, it is the student who plays the primary role.

Meet Our College Counselors

Kent Denver's three full-time professional college counselors are exceptional educators with more than 45 combined years of experience advising and working with high school students. They are invested in helping students navigate the college admissions process with confidence.

Katie Thomas, Director of College Counseling

Katie Thomas has served as Kent Denver's Director of College Counseling since 2014. She has more than 18 years of independent school experience as a teacher, college counselor and advisor. Ms. Thomas has also served as Assistant Director of Admission at Knox College and as an undergraduate admission officer at the University of Colorado Boulder. Katie is a member of several professional organizations: ACCIS, NACAC, RMACAC, and the Colorado Council on High School/College Relations.

"Our team is dedicated to introducing students to myriad higher education options," says Ms. Thomas. "We facilitate self-reflection that allows students to refine a smart and balanced list of college choices, and we encourage students to select the school that best meets their talents, skills and aspirations."

Ms. Thomas can be contacted at (303) 770-7660 x218 or via email.

Jessica Raab, Associate Director

Jessica Raab came to Kent Denver in 2016 from the college counseling department at Phoenix Country Day School. A member of ACCIS, NACAC, RMACAC and ASCA, she brings extensive experience in both secondary school college counseling and college-level admission, the latter from her long tenure as an Associate Director of Admission at Colorado College.

Ms. Raab writes of the college search process: “I encourage a mindful approach, meaning students undertake their search with curiosity and are open to possibilities as they think about types, sizes, programs, locations and schools, that they accept this as a journey, which means it will unfold in ways that are expected, but occasionally in ways that are unexpected.”

She can be contacted at (303) 770-7660 x217 or via email.

Matt Doyle, Assistant Director

Before joining the KDS College Counseling team in 2016, Matt Doyle served as Assistant Dean of Admission at Hamilton College. He brings invaluable insight into the decision-making process employed by selective institutions to his role as Kent Denver’s Assistant Director of College Counseling.

Prior to his role at Hamilton College, he was Program Assistant at Gonzaga University, where he served as the first point of contact for prospective students and their families, and coordinated the student host program. Mr. Doyle is a member of RMACAC, ACCIS and NACAC.

“While the college admission landscape is constantly evolving, the most vital aspect of a student’s search remains unchanged. Finding the school that is the right fit is paramount," says Mr. Doyle. "My passion is to help students navigate this complex and intimidating search so they can find an institution where they can thrive.”

He can be contacted at (303) 770-7660 x215 or via email.

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The Kent Denver Approach
  • We offer weekly small-group classes for juniors beginning in January that cover all aspects of the college search.
  • These small-group classes continue through the first-semester senior year to guide students through the entire application process.
  • We offer a series of topic-specific meetings and programs throughout the year to supplement our weekly class.
  • We offer touchpoints and sophomore-specific, introductory programming periodically in the 10th grade.
  • We meet with students individually, learning about their interests and talents and forming personal relationships.
  • Students are encouraged to be active participants in the College Counseling program.
  • We keep parents informed and involved in the college counseling process through written communication, parent information sessions, and individual meetings.

Kent Denver Parents: The College Counseling Handbook is available online. Click here to view.