Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities offer students an opportunity to explore their passions and interests outside the classroom. Some of Kent Denver’s signature programs, such as Speech and Debate and Model UN, began as clubs.

New clubs are formed each year based on student interest, and all Kent Denver students are encouraged to explore, grow and learn through participation in these extracurricular activities.

In the Middle School, students choose a single club for the year based on both student interest and faculty offerings. Teachers provide leadership and model for students what a successful club looks like—organized, engaging, collaborative—to provide the structure Middle-Schoolers need to thrive.

For Upper-Schoolers, clubs are a mostly student-driven program. Any student can propose a club, recruit a faculty sponsor, join the official roster of clubs and welcome members. Sponsors provide assistance where needed, but students provide the core leadership for their clubs.

Club Offerings

Upper School Clubs

Arts Media Club
Blue Key Society
Boys And Girls Club
Breakthrough Kent Denver
Business Club
Cafe Bogue
Classical Music Recitals
Colorado Youth Leaders
Culinary Club
Diversity (SUDA)
Entrepreneurship Club
Finance & Investment Club
Fine Arts Magazine
Fly Fishing Club
Futbol Club

Futbol Club
Games Galore
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Global Awareness Club
Hockey Club
How to Adult
Improv Club
KD Rocks
KDS Woof
Kent Denver Players
Kindness Club
Knitting Club
Midfirst Bank
Mock Trial
Newspaper-Sun Devils' Advocate

Outstanding Women in Business
Peer Tutoring
Robotics Club
Small Sports Club
Speech and Debate
Sports Statistics & Economics Club
Student Leadership Council
Students Shoulder To Shoulder
Tech Team
Tech Theater Club
Volleyball Club
World Wildlife Club