The cornerstone of Kent Denver's advisory program is the lasting relationships developed between students, faculty and peers.

Every Kent Denver student has a faculty advisor who provides guidance, support and encouragement in all aspects of school life.

Advisors meet regularly with their advisees, both as a group and individually. An age-appropriate advisory curriculum provides forums for deep discussions and encourages social-emotional growth. Advisors also collaborate closely with teachers, class deans and parents to monitor student well-being and academic progress.

Sixth Grade

The sixth-grade advisory program centers around four homerooms managed by master teachers. Students begin and end their day with their advisory groups, providing continuity and support for our youngest students as they transition to the Middle School.

Many sixth-grade activities, including weekly volunteering at a downtown Denver soup kitchen, are structured around the homeroom advisory groups.

Sixth-grade advisors work closely with their colleagues to monitor student progress and provide support when needed. In addition, a sixth-grade class dean provides overall leadership for the grade's advisory program.

seventh & eighth grades

Seventh- and eighth-graders participate in mixed-age advisory groups with a pair of experienced advisors.

Middle School advisory groups meet regularly and participate in special activities, like community service days and off-campus trips in the fall and spring.

Students remain with their advisors for two years, allowing them to learn from older students as seventh-graders and step into more significant leadership roles as eighth-graders.

The seventh and eighth grades also have a dean who manages the advisory curriculum and provides support for students and advisors.

upper school

Upper School students are assigned to grade-specific advisory groups which remain together for four years, allowing advisors to focus on the evolving opportunities and challenges of each grade level.

Class retreats at the beginning of the year help encourage community in advisory groups, and regular meetings help deepen these relationships during the school year. Advisors also meet frequently with individual students to discuss academic progress and address challenges that may arise.

Each Upper School class is led by a dean who remains with students from ninth grade through graduation. Deans help advisors implement the advisory curriculum and address the needs of students as they mature.

Starting in the eleventh grade, each student is also assigned a dedicated college counselor to help navigate the college selection process. Read more here.