February 2022



February 2022
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Fall 2021
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Winter 2021

Faculty Lean In to DEI Work

Dr. Sarah Burgamy presents to faculty and staff. (Photo: Lisa Mortell)

As Kent Denver continues to pursue the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan for Action our school adopted in October 2020, teachers have embraced their crucial role in ensuring that diverse perspectives are embedded deeply in the curriculum across all departments and that every student feels respected and valued. To give faculty the tools they need to effectively support the school’s DEI work, Kent Denver recently offered a pair of professional development workshops. 

In August, we welcomed clinical psychologist Dr. Sarah Burgamy, director of Phoenix Rise, to lead a workshop entitled “Relearning the Alphabet: LGBTQ+ Identities, Ally Building and Safe Spaces.” Dr. Burgamy’s engaging, humorous and wide-ranging presentation helped give all KDS employees a shared understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and offered helpful suggestions for effectively supporting LGBTQ+ students and colleagues. 

During a faculty inservice on October 14, Kent Denver welcomed Debby Irving—racial justice educator and author of Waking Up White—for a full day of Zoom-based workshops. Irving’s stated mission is to “educate other white people confused and frustrated by racism by transforming anxiety and inaction into empowerment and action.” In her Kent Denver workshops, Irving provided both a robust overview of the importance of addressing issues of race and racism and tools for classroom teachers to engage students on these important topics.



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