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February 2021



Issue 1
February 2021

Bruce Collamore Announces Retirement


   Photo by Carol MacKay

Bruce Collamore, legendary math teacher, coach and advisor at Kent Denver, looms large in the memories of many alumni—and not just because of his 6’6” height. His signature blend of humor, teaching skill, innovative thinking and deep affection for his students has made him one of Kent Denver’s most-treasured faculty.

"Generations of students at KDS have learned not only math, but how to become young adults through Bruce’s mentorship," Middle School Director Carrie Green wrote. "More recently, Bruce has taken on the role of mentoring and supporting faculty, both here at our school as well as for teachers in our broader community. This is work he plans to continue long into his retirement."

Before Mr. Collamore begins his well-earned retirement in June, the Kent Denver community will have several opportunities to celebrate and express gratitude for his 37-year teaching legacy. Keep an eye on your email and future issues of Connection for more details!



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