February 2022



February 2022
Issue 2
Fall 2021
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Winter 2021

Innovation Scholars Program Empowers Students

The Kent Denver Innovation Scholars Program empowers students to pursue self-directed exploration and learning as they prepare for life during and after college. Students are surrounded by a high-quality network of outstanding teachers, mentors and professionals who provide personalized coaching and encouragement. 


"There are three types of student learning goals that our Innovation Scholars program supports: exploration, application and deep pursuit," says Michael Ehrenfried, Chief Innovation Officer. "Exploration is about exposure, for students wondering, what is this field all about? Application is about accomplishing a specific project, for students asking, how can this field help me accomplish this specific task? Deep pursuit is about immersion, for students asking, how does my interest in this field shape what I do?"

Three Innovation Scholars from the Class of 2022 gave a presentation to parents and guardians at the first in-person KDPA meeting this year on their efforts to facilitate backyard composting by offering installation of easy-to-use compost systems

Visit the 2021 Innovation Scholars Showcase to see work from even more of our 2020–21 Innovation Scholars.


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