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Rashida Williams '17 Finds Her Creative Light

Rashida Williams '17 Finds Her Creative Light

Rashida Williams ‘17 currently runs her own creative agency and works as a professional artist out of her studio in Aurora.  She recently visited campus, and we got to hear about the beautiful life she’s building around leaning into her creative talents.


KDS: Describe what you are doing now. How would you describe your path that led you to this current moment in life?

RW: I am the owner of a creative agency, The RW Studio. My journey as an artist began with sporadic commissions back in 2018, but in 2022, I took a huge leap of faith into dedicating myself to my company full-time. The overview of services I provide are: Oil Paintings, Children's Book Illustrations, Marketing Design and Tattoos. The driving force behind this pivotal moment in my life was the loss of my daughter, Ivy. It instilled in me a desire to make a meaningful impact on my family's life through my creative endeavors.

KDS: What makes you feel most fulfilled about what you are currently doing?

RW: What makes me feel most fulfilled about owning my own creative studio is this beautiful perspective that I have on life. Everywhere I go I see something beautiful. I can look at the clouds and create a picture in my mind. I am constantly in awe. In the fast paced environment that we live in, we don’t have much time to stop and smell the roses. Having the opportunity to pause and absorb these moments to nourish my creativity brings immense joy to my heart.

KDS: What feels most challenging about your current work or this phase of your professional life?

RW: The most challenging aspect of running my own company is determining the next steps to take. I am always striving to outdo a project and make it better than the last. It’s a constant competition with myself, and finding the serenity to create without expectations can be quite a challenge.

KDS: How did your Kent Denver education prepare you for what you are doing now?

RW: As the first person in my family to attend a private school, Kent Denver equipped me with

invaluable skills for the challenges of the real world. It allowed me to want to do and be something different. It amazed me to witness almost all of my classmates (seemingly) knowing what they wanted to do with their lives; they had goals and were determined to accomplish them. 

KDS: How does being an alumna of Kent Denver School impact your sense of self now?

RW: My sense of self has been positively impacted; it has granted me the freedom to truly be myself, embrace open-mindedness and foster forward-thinking. Kent Denver, at first, felt like a bubble, but over time, it has found a special place in my heart. Back then, I may not have cherished that "bubble," but I now recognize it was necessary for me and my family to have a better life. Within that bubble, I not only discovered my authentic self but also gained valuable insights into the real world. It made me appreciate how privilege, resources and opportunities can impact the course of life. Being the first in my family to experience such a luxury is a true blessing. I would not be who I am today, had I attended another school.

KDS: Can you share a Kent Denver memory that brings you joy?

RW: A memory that brings me joy is the trip I got to go on with Cleo, Lydia, Jenny, Sahara, Emma, Maya, Rayya, Ivy, Max and Mrs. Evans. I had never been out of the country before, or even to the beach, so to be able to experience that with my closest friends was amazing. 

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