Kent Denver's COVID-19 Response

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This webpage provides a hub for information related to Kent Denver's COVID-19 response. 

Our mitigation strategies are guided by local and state public health guidelines and might change over the course of the year in response to conditions on campus and in the wider community.


Kent Denver's COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

Based on Tri-County Health guidelines, Kent Denver is currently pursuing the following mitigation strategies:


INDOOR MASKING: Masks are currently optional for all students, employees and campus visitors. Wearing high-quality, non-cloth masks remains an effective mitigation strategy against COVID-19, and we encourage anyone who wishes to wear a mask to do so. Kent Denver will support those who choose to protect themselves in this way by providing KN95 and surgical masks on request.  
VACCINATIONS: Kent Denver continues to encourage vaccination for all eligible individuals, and our campus-wide vaccination rates are exceptionally strong. We thank our students and employees for taking this important step to protect themselves and others from the virus. Please note: up-to-date vaccination—including boosters where eligible—is required for out-of-state travel on Kent Denver School trips. 
ENHANCED VENTILATION: Well-ventilated indoor spaces provide an important layer of protection against viral transmission. Kent Denver buildings will continue to utilize MERV-13 air filters and frequent air exchanges to maximize ventilation. 
STAY HOME IF UNWELL: Individuals exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to campus. Parents/guardians are asked to be particularly vigilant in keeping sick students at home to help keep our school healthy. Please use this checklist of symptoms to guide your decision. 




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