When coaching, Denise Wylde encourages setting personal and team-oriented goals, while emphasizing respect, teamwork and the technical skills of swimming.

Wylde has coached the girls’ swim team for six years, and in that time has learned that being involved in a school sport is about more than just the sport itself.

“While I feel that the sport is important for the athlete and their passion for it, I also feel that being involved with a team, working on personal goals and learning life lessons around each sport and its challenges span further than the playing field. These lessons build the foundation for the rest of their lives outside and beyond the realm of high school.”

In 2015, Coach Wylde’s team won first place in the League Meet for the Tri-Peaks Swimming and Diving Championships. Her team took second place in the same meet in 2016. Her student-athletes have also broken numerous pool and school time records—including three broken school records in the 2016 4A State Championship—and several swimmers have gone on to swim at the college level.

Coach Wylde is also a full-time member of our Information and Innovation Team.

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