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Scott Yates—Kent Denver's Director of Athletics and Fitness—has coached football at Kent Denver School for more than 35 years. He is currently second in all-time wins for football coaches in Colorado, and was recenlty inducted into the National Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Coach Yates seeks to "create a fun and enriching environment with the hope of each participant having an experience that they value and learn from." He uses football as a teaching tool to help young people become great adults.

"The camaraderie, being a part of a group with a greater goal than that of the individual, is special. Learning to work for a common goal with your teammates is invaluable," he says.

Coach Yates has been recognized as Coach of the Year on numerous occasions and is a member of the Colorado High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame. He has also coached baseball and basketball at Kent Denver, as well as football at Arizona State University. He played football for the University of Colorado.

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