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Boys' Soccer

“Athletic competition provides us with an avenue to explore Kent Denver's Core Values in a unique way,” says boys’ soccer coach Arty Smith. “Integrity, respect, personal growth, community, and wisdom are the central components of everything we do on the soccer field. We make mistakes—lots of them—but we treat each one as a learning experience.”

With 25 years of coaching experience, 17 of which have been on the boys’ soccer team at Kent Denver, Coach Smith has taken his team to new levels in recent years. The Kent Denver boys’ soccer team won the state title in 2018 after also winning in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Coach Smith coaches his team to enjoy the game and the camaraderie that goes with it more than the end result. He believes that “with proper guidance, student-athletes will learn about themselves and their ability to bring out the best in others … skills that will serve them well in college and beyond.”

Coach Smith is also a full-time member of our math department. He teaches AP Statistics and Geometry in the Upper School.

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