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long jumper in flight and sprinters pass the baton

Since 2011, Track and Field coach Corky Dean has taught his athletes to focus on goals—personal and team-oriented, short-term and long-term—and has strived to create leaders in the Kent Denver community. “Leadership comes in many forms, and at some point everyone on a team has their time to shine and show their strengths and styles of leadership,” he says.

Coach Dean believes team success at the high school level isn’t about success in competition, but rather is about character development. “I am not focused solely on performance at the high school level, but developing the athlete/individual for success well into adulthood,” he says.

Coach Dean’s teams have shown where their hard work can lead. In 2018, his runners won the boys' 100M sprint and took the top to spots at 200M. Several of his athletes have also gone on to success at the collegiate level in sprints, middle distance and jumping events.

Coach Dean is a full-time member of our arts department. He teaches Photography I, II, III and IV in the Upper School. He also coaches Cross-Country in the fall.

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Head Coach: Corky Dean

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