For boys' golf coach Bob Austin, golf isn’t about winning or losing; he coaches his players on how they should react to adversity, both in and outside of the game. He believes golf is a game of variables, many of which are out of a player's control. “Overcoming the challenges of the game is part of the player’s learning experience. In golf, and in life, you cannot change the past, you can only look forward. I coach that long after anyone remembers what you shot, they will remember how you acted,” he says.

Coach Austin also emphasizes the relationships built on the golf course, and in athletics in general. He prides himself in fostering friendships that will last a lifetime on and off the course.

Coach Austin has been coaching golf at Kent Denver since 2005. In that time, his teams have won eight state championships—the most championships of any golf coach in Colorado. 

Kent Denver's nine total golf championships are the most of any school in Colorado, and in 2018, senior Jackson Klutznik won the 3A individual title.



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Bob Austin

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