State Champions

Soccer team celebrates with state title trophy

More than 70 Kent Denver teams and numerous individual athletes have won state titles as Sun Devils!


2021-22: Boys' Tennis

2020–21: Girls' Soccer

2019–20: Boys' Soccer  

2018–19: Boys' Soccer

2017–18: Boys' Tennis 

2016–17: Boys' Golf, Field Hockey, Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis

2015–16: Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis, Girls' Soccer

2014–15: Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis

2013–14: Boys' Tennis

2012–13: Boys’ Golf, Football

2011–12: Boys’ Golf, Field Hockey

2010–11: Boys’ Golf

2009–10: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey

2008–09: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis

2007–08: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Lacrosse

2006–07: Boys’ Golf, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

2005–06: Girls’ Golf, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

2004–05: Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2003–04: Boys’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Tennis

2002–03: Ice Hockey, Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2001–02: Field Hockey, Girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2000–01: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1999–2000: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Soccer

1998–99: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Girls’ Tennis

1997–98: Girls’ Lacrosse

1996–97: Boys’ Basketball, Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1993–94: Ice Hockey, Boys’ Lacrosse

1992–93: Baseball

1991–92: Football, Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1990–91: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

1986–87: Football

1984–85: Girls’ Lacrosse

1983–84: Boys’ Lacrosse

1978–79: Boys’ Lacrosse

1976–77: Boys’ Lacrosse


2021–22: Boys' Tennis No. 1 Singles and No. 2 Doubles

2020–21: Swimming & Diving 500-yard Freestyle, Boys' Tennis No. 4 Doubles, Girls' Tennis No. 1 Doubles

2019–20: Swimming & Diving 200-yard Individual Medley and 500-yard Freestyle

2018–19: Boys' Tennis No. 3 Doubles

2017–18: Boys' Track 100M and 200M Sprints, Boys' Tennis No. 3 Singles and No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 Doubles