Sports Performance

Sports Performance: The Three Pillars

Kent Denver Sports Performance has three interwoven pillars that make up the content of what we do and teach:


Preservation is the actions we take to prevent overuse injuries, mitigate the threat of future injuries and avoid behaviors that increase our risk of suboptimal performance: This includes managing athletic participation to avoid excessive and repetitive movement patterns, diversifying athletic activities, pre-hab activities, understanding and avoiding the severe of effects drugs, alcohol and poor dietary choices, and addressing sleep deprivation.


Development includes all training (both physiological and neurological) and recovery (rest, nutrition and other modalities).


Covenant is the resolute relationship that all Kent Denver students, athletes and coaches must establish with each other. Leaders do three things: provide the vision, win the season and take care of their people. Teammates also do three things: set the standard, hold each other accountable and sustain the culture. A team has to define its own mission, goals and standards.

Program Overview

The Kent Denver Sports Performance program strives to create a foundation for fitness and self-care while developing student-athletes and life-long athletes through specific physical and educational programs, including:

  • Individualized coaching and team development
  • Individualized strength training programs
  • Educational programs focusing on self-care, body awareness, injury prevention and preparation for college athletics

Sports Performance Offerings

1. Strength and Conditioning Class (Upper School)

  • Level I: Foundations of Strength and Conditioning
  • Level II: Individualized and Sports-Specific Training

2. Sports-Specific Team Training

3. In-season and off-season programming for Kent Denver teams

4. Middle School PE: Fundamentals of Movement

5. Faculty Small Group Training

6. Parents’ Association Small Group Training