Athletics Code of Ethics

Athletics at Kent Denver are an integral, co-curricular component of the educational program of the School. All participants, at all levels, and in all circumstances, as well as those who support them, will adhere at all times to the same standards of conduct and exemplify the same principles and values that inform every other aspect of life at Kent Denver.
At all times, Kent Denver student-athletes, their coaches and supporters will:
Respect their opponents
  • Recognize and appreciate excellence regardless of team affiliation
Respect the officials conducting the contest and accept their decisions
  • Know, understand, and play within the rules of the contest
  • Play fair
Respect and adhere to the decisions of coaches
Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing Kent Denver
  • Display positive behavior and use respectful language
  • Maintain self-control regardless of circumstances or perceived provocation
  • Accept both victory and defeat with pride, compassion, and grace.