Kent Denver School believes that a dynamic athletics, performance and wellness program is essential to the overall growth and development of all students. We offer options that provide students a foundation for a lifetime of physical awareness and wellness while promoting leadership and character.

Kent Denver School offers 18 sports for our Middle and Upper School student-athletes, along with wellness activities like yoga, strength and conditioning, rock climbing, mountain biking, outdoor education and more.

"Our goal at Kent Denver School is to provide the most holistic, positive educational experience through athletics," explains Athletics Director Jeff Hollway. "Our Athletics program is designed to promote team and individual growth, striving toward maximum utilization of potential."

Kent Denver is committed to providing competitive environment where achievement will be realized by all participants through self-discipline; the best from you—the best for you.  Special attention is given to the development of a lifelong healthy value system applicable to every personal and professional endeavor. Our core tenets include:

  • Teamwork: always placing the team before self / common goal 
  • Competition: maximum effort / strive to be the best version of yourself and accepting others where they are
  • Work ethic: what you do when no one is looking / personal commitment to self-excellence and self-discipline / time management
  • Sportsmanship: compassionate competition / respect your opponents, rules, officials
  • Leadership: never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself 
  • Healthy lifestyles: mindful wellness / lifelong health / mental and emotional balance 


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