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Athletics at Kent Denver

Kent Denver's Athletics department offers a robust program for young student-athletes of any level or experience. In Athletics, we encourage teamwork, commitment, responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership and a competitive spirit.

"Participation in athletics encourages commitment, a sense of responsibility, good sportsmanship, teamwork, physical awareness, self-discipline, leadership and a competitive spirit," says Kent Denver's Director of Athletics Scott Yates. "Every student-athlete has the opportunity to have a successful and positive experience at Kent Denver. Our program provides a wonderful environment for student-teacher collaboration outside of the classroom. Many of our coaches are also members of our faculty, and the majority have been here for more than 10 years."

We offer 18 different sports of all levels for our Middle and Upper School student-athletes.

"The great thing about Kent Denver athletics is that we have a team for everybody," says Boys' Soccer Coach Arty Smith. "If you want to compete for a state championship, we have a team for you. If you want to run around on a beautiful fall afternoon with some friends and make new friends and get some exercise, we have a team for that as well."

Yates has been with the school for nearly 40 years. Under his leadership, our teams have gone on to win more than 50 State Championships in almost every sport we offer. Yates is also the varsity football coach. Under his leadership, our athletics department has had tremendous success.

Learn more about each of our teams, and find your sport by using the navigation at left. To see a list of State Championships, please see below.

State Championships

2019-20: Boys' Soccer

2018-19: Boys' Soccer

2017-18: Boys' Tennis, Boys' Track 100M and 200M Sprints

2016-17: Boys' Golf, Field Hockey, Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis

2015-16: Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis, Girls' Soccer

2014-15: Boys' Soccer, Boys' Tennis

2013-14: Boys' Tennis

2012-13: Boys’ Golf, Football

2011-12: Boys’ Golf, Field Hockey

2010-11: Boys’ Golf

2009-10: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey

2008-09: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis

2007-08: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Lacrosse

2006-07: Boys’ Golf, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

2005-06: Girls’ Golf, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

2004-05: Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2003-04: Boys’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Tennis

2002-03: Ice Hockey, Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2001-02: Field Hockey, Girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Tennis

2000-01: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1999-2000: Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Soccer

1998-99: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Girls’ Tennis

1997-98: Girls’ Lacrosse

1996-97: Boys’ Basketball, Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1993-94: Ice Hockey, Boys’ Lacrosse

1992-93: Baseball

1991-92: Football, Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey

1990-91: Boys’ Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer

1986-87: Football

1984-85: Girls’ Lacrosse

1983-84: Boys’ Lacrosse

1978-79: Boys’ Lacrosse

1976-77: Boys’ Lacrosse