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wide shot of player jumping up to spike the ball

VolleyballBuilding on a long legacy of success under Head Coach Emily Danitz, the Kent Denver volleyball team clinched its first-ever Metro League title during the 2023 season.

Emily Danitz has been coaching volleyball at Kent Denver since 2012, with nine years of experience prior to her time here. She believes high school athletics provides young athletes with opportunities to learn valuable life skills beyond the court, such as time management, work ethic, leadership and the ability to think outside of oneself and about the welfare of the team.

I strive to foster athletes to both improve athletically and be aware of the multitude of other skills they are gaining along the way. Emily Danitz Volleyball Head Coach

During her tenure as head coach, Coach Danitz built the program into a playoff contender, advancing to regionals four times since 2016 in one of the state’s toughest leagues.

Coach Danitz—who played Division I volleyball at the University of Nevada—is also a full-time member of our science department. She teaches Infectious Disease and Epidemiology, Chemistry and more in the Upper School.

volleyball player jumping up to hit a ball