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kent denver ultimate club ready to start a game

Ultimate FrisbeeFormed as a student-run Upper School club, Kent Denver's ultimate team won the state championship in 2024 during their first-ever season of interscholastic play.

After initially being introduced as an athletic option during the COVID-shortened fall 2020 sports season, ultimate frisbee officially became a KDS Upper School club in the fall of 2021.

Known for its emphasis on promoting the “spirit of the game”—which includes competition that is self-refereed—ultimate frisbee is a great opportunity for students to meet new friends and challenge themselves in a fun, supportive environment. 

kent denver ultimate club celebrating their state championship
senior terren smith winding up to throw the frisbee

“I enjoy being surrounded by all the people who love the sport,” says Terren S. '24, who helped start the club. “Everyone can enjoy it together. It’s the best!”

In 2024, Kent Denver's ultimate club won USA Ultimate’s Boys’ Division II Colorado State Championship. Over two days of tournament play, the team went 5-1 and capped off their title run by beating the 2023 state champion (and previously undefeated) Northfield Nighthawks by a score of 12-9.