Drawing, Painting and Photography

Students who prefer creating engaging pieces of art in one dimension are encouraged to take classes in drawing, painting and photography.


In drawing, students focus on the use of line, value and texture using pencil, ink and charcoal. Students in introductory and advanced drawing courses explore contour line drawing, value studies, shading, one-, two-, and three-point perspective, life drawing, composition and the development of content and narrative.


In painting, students focus on conceptual and technical skill-development using a variety of painting media such as acrylic and mixed media. Students discuss color theory, mixing, paint application, composition and development of narrative in our painting courses. Through the production of original works of art, students also learn about art history, aesthetics and criticism.


Our photography courses allow students to discover the technical and conceptual aspects of film-based photography in color and black and white. Unique to the school is a darkroom in the photo lab that allows students to process photographic film and make prints. Introductory photography emphasizes basic shooting, processing and darkroom skills, as well as processes such as solarizations, toning and manipulating imagery. Advanced photography students further refine their technical skills while also learning about digital photo processing and exploring their own photographic areas of interest and style.