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Kent Denver students' creativity is realized in many forms. Both our halls and the Student Center for the Arts are filled with paintings, metal works, ceramics and photography. If you plan to visit Kent Denver in the near future, we hope you will have time to study our exhibits during your tour.

In the interim, please enjoy our Virtual Gallery.

2022 Colorado Scholastic Art Awards

"Catch of the Day" by Reed Haymons '23 (Gold Key)

"Thinking Ghost Self Portrait" by Reed Haymons '23

Architectural Box by Chava Fisher '24 (Gold Key)

"Torri Gate on Rock" by Danny Friedman Valenzuela '26 (Gold Key)

Frog Lockett by Chloe Malley '22 (Gold Key)

Dragonfly Necklace by Chloe Malley '22 (Gold Key)

"Reborn" by Larkin Elliott '24 (Silver Key)

Restaurant by Annika Morrison '24 (Silver Key)

Celtic Ring by Liam Pilarowski '24 (Gold Key)

"Across the West" by Veronica Sharp '24 (Gold Key)

"Architectural Triplets" by Cayla Wolf '24 (Gold Key)

"Split Tone Hand" by Maya S. '23 (Silver Key)

"Glass Plate Landscape" by Maya S. '23 (Honorable Mention)

Colorado Scholastic Art Awards 2021

Corvidae by Danielle R. '23 (Gold Key)
A Show of Hands by Chloe M. '23 (Honorable Mention)
Bedroom Window by Nicole D. '22 (Gold Key)
Countryside Crash by Isabella D. '23 (Gold Key)
Eye of Dog by Annika M. '24 (Gold Key)
Fourth of July by Kathryn P. '23 (Gold Key)
La Cocina (y mama) by Alexa M. '21 (Gold Key)
Middle-Schoolers, Monsters—Same Thing by Alexa M. '21 (Gold Key)
Paper Ninja Star Teapot by Elise T. '22 (Silver Key)
UGH! by Alexa M. '21 (Gold Key)
Under the Moon by Veronica S. '24 (Gold Key)
Xylophone by Chloe M. '23 (Gold Key)

Colorado Scholastic Art Awards 2020

"Rainbow Tango" by Annie Cutler '22 (Gold Key Award)
"Dragonfly" by Chloe Malley '22 (Gold Key Award)
"Dragonfly" top detail (Gold Key Award)
"Dragonfly" bottom detail (Gold Key Award)
"Life Inside the Painting" by Katja Matter '21 (Gold Key Award)
"Skinny Jean Cowboy" by Katja Matter '21 (Gold Key Award)
"The Sunset Train" by Annika Berry '22 (Silver Key Award)
"Still Life Collage" by Mae Reynolds '24 (Silver Key Award)


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