Students line up to perform in an acting class

Students interested in the dramatic arts have a wide array of classes and extracurricular offerings to choose from each year. During the school day, students can hone their acting skills in Acting I and Acting II, explore non-traditional narrative forms and staging in Guerrilla Rep Honors, or work behind the scenes in our technical theatre workshop.

In the two-year, conservatory-style Acting I and II sequence, students are introduced to and explore basic techniques in acting through movement, physical and vocal exercises, improvisation, script analysis, scene work, monologues and short plays.

In Guerilla Rep Honors, students work together to devise and stage original theatrical pieces for performance. Ensemble members are responsible for all creative and technical elements of production, discovering all that our theatre program has to offer.

Technical Theatre

Tech theater class meets in the shop

In our Technical Theatre Workshop, students learn all about the various technologies available in the Student Center for the Arts.

The course is broken into three primary sections:

  1. In Scenic Workshop, students learn basic carpentry and painting skills needed to build a set
  2. In Lighting Workshop, students delve into electrical systems, lighting instruments and color theory, necessary for illuminating sets and actors
  3. In Design, students work in groups utilizing the skills they've discovered in carpentry, paint and electronics to create art.
Students work the sound and light board for Fiddler on the Roof

Students in Technical Theatre Workshop are also encouraged to work as crew members on our extracurricular productions.


Extracurricular Offerings

Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular theatre opportunities throughout the year including the Fall Play, Winter Musical and spring One-Act Play Festival.

In the Middle School, students can participate in a fall play or spring musical.

Take a look at some of our most recent theatrical productions!