Kent Denver Music Program


Commercial/popular music education has grown from the need to not only teach our students music, but to instill in them life skills such as responsibility, professionalism, teamwork, attention to detail, and organization, among others.

Kent Denver's Commercial Music Program comprises several award-winning ensembles, performance classes and academic offerings. Students interested in picking up a new instrument are encouraged to look into our music offerings, from our various ensembles to guitar classes to concert choir.


Our diverse faculty is committed to educating and producing knowledgeable, well-rounded student musicians. Our Upper School Rhythm & Blues ensemble, the Quincy Ave. Rhythm Band, has been named Best High School Pop/Rock/Blues band in the country by DownBeat Magazine eight times. In addition, our Afro-Caribbean band, the Azucartones, was named Best High School Latin band by DownBeat Magazine in 2014. Individual band members have also been recognized by DownBeat. Our ensembles travel broadly. Learn more about their trips here.

With our recording studio and streaming capabilities, we have one of the most advanced secondary music education suites in this part of the country. One of the goals of the faculty is to help our student musicians reach their goals, whether enjoying music as a hobby in high school or a profession for life. We seek to teach life-skills including leadership, responsibility, professionalism and teamwork that are transferable to whatever path our students choose to follow after their time at Kent Denver.

We believe that while we can instruct students on the mechanics of their instrument and performance, we should give them as many opportunities as possible to realize those skills in front of an audience in a real-world setting. Our Guest Artist Program strives to bring nationally- and internationally-acclaimed artists to Kent Denver in an effort to act as an educational and cultural resource for students, the Kent Denver community, and the Denver Metro Area. These artists present clinics to our students, and they often perform for the student body as a whole.

Guest Artists: Felix Pastorius | Hipster Assassins