See Why Students Love Art at Kent Denver


Our arts program enables students to develop creative thinking skills and tools for self-expression. Through active learning, innovative problem solving and critical self-evaluation, Kent Denver arts classes foster flexibility and freedom in decision making. We encourage analytical and divergent thinking.

Through the arts, students learn the value and satisfaction of honing technical skills. They expand their perspective, understanding and appreciation of life, enriching the learning they do throughout their school experience.

Student Painting

Middle School Arts

The Middle School Arts Program nurtures artistic growth at all levels. Through an array of arts offerings, teachers and students work together to help each student find their individual voice in a safe and caring environment. Students explore various arts genres through these foundational classes. Exposure to world cultures and the broadening of student perspectives, both within and beyond our local community, are integral elements of the Middle School arts experience.

Upper School Arts

In the Upper School, students begin specializing in the art of their choice. They may fulfill their graduation requirements by taking a wide variety of classes in theatre, music or the visual arts. Art classes are designed to introduce the basic concepts and techniques of a particular art form, and as students grow in their comfort level, they are guided through more complex conceptual work. After their first year, many students opt to enroll in one of our advanced art courses. Many students also participate in one or more of our performing arts groups, or in a club sponsored by the art department.

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