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The Next 100 Years Campaign Is Transforming

Our Campus

How Our Teachers Teach

How Our Students Learn
“There comes a time in the history of any school where a choice must be made: to maintain the status quo, or to boldly pursue greater things for students, families, and the community it serves. For Kent Denver that time is now, and I am proud that we have chosen to be bold.” – Rand Harrington, Head of School

Join Kent Denver School as we boldly set the national standard for excellence in middle and high school education.

The Next 100 Years Campaign goes beyond campus transformation. It creates unparalleled educational opportunities for our students and an environment in which world-class teachers can thrive.

Over the course of three years, Kent Denver will transform over 100,000 square feet of teaching and learning spaces, launch the Kent Denver Institutes, and significantly increase our endowment. The Next 100 Years Campaign will empower us to change the way students learn and grow as they prepare to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Although the buildings will be new, traditions endure. As we transform Kent Denver School, we’re building on the foundation laid by generations of students and families and paving our path to the future, ensuring that many more generations of students have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive at Kent Denver.

Built with your support, a new Alumni Courtyard will bridge the generations while also bridging the space between Chenery Theater and the former Upper School Building. Students will be reminded of our proud history as they gather in the courtyard before Commencement and afterward as faculty receive them there and welcome them into the alumni ranks. And as they meet in the courtyard as a class or simply sit and study, students will be inspired to leave their own legacy.

Alumni donors to the Next 100 Years Campaign may receive recognition on a brick, paver or bench in the Courtyard. Additional naming opportunities for alumni are also available. Contact Elyse Rudolph, Director of Alumni Relations, for more information about Courtyard giving and recognition opportunities.

"During Kent Denver’s long history, there have been many key turning points at which the generosity and investments of our community created the institution that brought each of us such amazing benefits. The Next 100 Years Campaign represents one of these key moments. There has never been a better time for alumni to rally around Kent Denver.” Denny Coughlin ’93, Alumni Association President

Campus Transformation At A Glance