Tuition & Fees

Selecting the right school for your family can be complicated, and cost is an important part of that decision. Our goal is to ensure the excellent education Kent Denver provides is an affordable option for highly-motivated students from families of all income levels.

Tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $29,930

Annual tuition includes: computer and technology support; healthful lunches with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options; most local academic and athletic travel fees; most field trip and class retreat fees; and most academic lab, academic project and athletic fees. (Exceptions are noted to the right.)

Additional fees for the 2019-20 school year are:

  • Book fees: Approximately $200-$500
  • Class fees: $275 (Grades 6-8); $225 (Grades 9-12)
  • Certain sports such as ice hockey and swimming, special academic labs and special academic projects may incur fees as well.
  • Laptop purchase fees may apply. Learn more about our one-to-one laptop program here.

Tuition Insurance

Because Kent Denver School's expenses for each enrolled student are not reduced if a student withdraws, we cannot forfeit tuition paid or cancel charges if a student leaves for any reason. We offer a tuition insurance/refund plan to assist families with this financial obligation. The plan is available to purchase for a nominal cost of the first tuition billing. Click here to learn more.

Financial Aid

We award more than $3.6 million each year to students in need.

Kent Denver financial aid awards may also cover all aspects of student life, from books and computer fees to bus service, class trips and many other incidental expenses.

Learn More about Our Financial Aid Program

Applying for tuition assistance does not affect admission decisions. In fact, all admission decisions are made on a need-blind basis. Once accepted, a student’s financial need is determined using FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Management Company guidelines and Kent Denver’s own policies. Please refer to the Resources and Financial Aid Fast Facts below to learn more.

Currently, about 23%—more than one in five—of our students receives financial assistance. Financial aid awards are granted on the basis of need; there are no academic or athletic scholarships.

Kent Denver has provided more than $25 million to students in need since 2000. We award more financial aid each year than any other independent school in Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid

How do you make financial aid decisions?

Tuition assistance at Kent Denver is based on need. Kent Denver’s financial aid committee determines need based on two factors:

  1. Recommendations from FACTS, a third-party grant and aid assessment company that takes into consideration several financial attributes, including income, debt, assets, the number of family members who attend a tuition-based school, etc.
  2. Information provided by the applicant directly to the school.
At Kent Denver, FACTS recommendations are only guidelines. Our financial aid committee reviews every application individually and makes final award decisions.

Understanding and Using FACTS Management Company

Kent Denver School partners with FACTS Management Company to analyze financial aid applications. For your convenience, you may complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment and select a preferred payment plan at the same time. Click here to begin the process.

How do I apply for financial aid?

For information on how to get started, email us at

Does my ex-spouse—who does not contribute financially to my child—have to participate in the process?

If your ex-spouse does not participate in the financial aid process, your chances of receiving tuition assistance may be jeopardized. In certain circumstances, Kent Denver’s financial aid committee may accept confirmation from a third party who can bear witness to your family situation.

What is the range of financial aid awards?

Tuition assistance awards range from $1,000 to almost full tuition support. The average award is approximately $20,000. Every family is asked to contribute a nominal amount toward the cost of a Kent Denver education.

Do financial aid awards have to be repaid?

No. Unlike loans, our awards never have to be paid back.

When will I find out if we received financial aid?

We include details about financial aid awards in the same correspondence as acceptance notification. Parents and guardians of Upper School applicants will receive this information on Feb. 21; parents and guardians of Middle School applicants will be notified on Feb. 26.

Once financial aid is awarded, will the same amount be provided automatically year-to-year?

No. Tuition assistance awards are not guaranteed to remain the same year to year; in fact, they will change as families’ financial circumstances change. Because families may need one level of assistance one year—and more or less the next—all families are required to submit a new financial aid application every year. Students must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to qualify for tuition assistance.

What is the Malone Scholars Program?

Kent Denver is the proud recipient of a $2 million grant from the Malone Family Foundation. This grant enables us to award scholarships (each up to 100% of tuition and school-related costs) to five to seven exceptional Malone Scholars each year. Kent Denver was one of four schools nationwide to be honored with an endowment from the Malone Family Foundation in 2006. The Malone Scholar Endowment Fund significantly increases Kent Denver’s ability to offer scholarships and school-related expenses to exceptionally motivated and capable students with financial need in grades 7-12. Kent Denver was chosen to receive this generous gift based on high academic caliber, quality of school staff, attention to individual student needs, interests and talents, financial strength and stability, a commitment to financial aid and an economically, culturally, ethnically and socially diverse population.