Kent Denver Curriculum Guide and Course List

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Kent Denver Institutes

Imagine, Explore, Create and Refine

Kent Denver Institutes empower students to pursue self-directed exploration and learning. In the Institutes, students are the initiators, architects, and managers of their learning. Whether discovering a new interest, gathering support for a project, or pursuing a deep passion, students choose whether or not to participate, how much to engage, and what to pursue.

All Kent Denver students are welcome to work in the Institutes.

Students are surrounded by a high-quality network of outstanding teachers, mentors, and professionals that provide personalized coaching and encouragement.

A Different Approach to Learning

While each Institute is unique, there are common elements that tie all Institutes together. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Institute Advisor

Students participating in Institutes in either Middle or Upper School receive an Institute advisor who provides support as they develop personalized institute learning goals. Additionally, Institute advisors advocate for students as they seek to find projects and mentors inside and outside of our community.

Student Portfolio

Institutes do not have traditional assessment methods or grades. Instead students demonstrate their accomplishments through the creation of a portfolio covering five different areas. This portfolio contains artifacts representing five institute domains: (1) engagement with fundamental concepts, (2) an established professional support network, (3) demonstrated impact in a community, (4) developed expertise in a focus area and (5) ability to narrate learning journey and personal learning style.

Institute Certificates

For students whose learning goals include a deep dive into the field, Institutes in the middle and upper school offer an Institute certificate at Middle School continuation and Upper School graduation. While certificate requirements vary from Institute to Institute, an approved personal learning plan and a completed portfolio/presentation of learning should bookend the student’s Institute experience.

Student Institute Board

Each Institute has a group of Middle and Upper School student leaders who work with designated coordinators to evaluate, guide, and support the Institute's work.

Institute for Entrepreneurial Education

This Institute teaches students how to bring to life ideas that add value to the world. Both Middle and Upper School students will experience the essence of entrepreneurship: taking direct action to create a product or service and advancing it.

Our program will inspire, guide and support students through the process of identifying problems, implementing solutions and learning from failure and success.

Institute for

This Institute provides a network for students to strengthen their investigative skills and conduct research that is meaningful to their educational aspirations. Students may explore research under the guidance of a student or faculty mentor, or they may build on their own research ideas and interest to develop a potentially multi-year project.

Institute for
and Design

This Institute is Kent Denver’s hub for students who are interested in exploring technology and design, whether they are dabbling in the field, have a one-time project that requires technology and design to complete, or have a passion for technology and design that leads them to dive deep.

Flexible learning spaces and program possibilities offer access to teachers and instructors, resources and machines that enable students to pursue their intrinsic interests.