Kent Denver Curriculum Guide and Course List

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Kent Denver Institutes

Imagine, Explore, Create and Refine

In Kent Denver's Institutes, teachers, academic programs, extracurricular offerings, student-directed study and dynamic learning spaces support students’ quest to learn more about what inspires them.

The Institute approach emphasizes choice. Students choose whether or not to participate and what to pursue. Age- and grade-appropriate options ensure students can follow their interests throughout their seven-year Kent Denver journey.

  • Institutes in the Middle School complement the curriculum with options such as research opportunities, electives and service learning.
  • Institutes in the Upper School reflect students’ maturity, self-awareness, ability to self-advocate and aptitude for weaving disparate threads of knowledge into a cohesive, dynamic whole. Students have supportive venues in which to pursue their interests and, in some cases, forge paths for future career endeavors.

Read more about the Institutes here or in the 2018-19 Curriculum Guide (page 67).

Hunt Family Institute for Entrepreneurial Education

The Hunt Family Institute teaches students how to bring to life ideas that add value to the world. Both Middle and Upper School students will experience the essence of entrepreneurship: taking direct action to create a product or service and advancing it.

Our program will inspire, guide and support students through the process of identifying problems, implementing solutions and learning from failure and success.

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Rollins Institute for Technology and Design

This Institute is Kent Denver’s hub for students who are interested in exploring technology and design, whether they are dabbling in the field, have a one-time project that requires technology and design to complete, or have a passion for technology and design that leads them to dive deep.

Flexible learning spaces and program possibilities offer access to teachers and instructors, resources and machines that enable students to pursue their intrinsic interests.

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