Middle School: Joyful Learning and a Foundation for Life

Middle School Students

Life in middle school should be a combination of curiosity, exposure and limitless possibility! Students at Kent Denver Middle School benefit from a core program that is steeped in our deep tradition of excellence in scholarship and character, while also having the agency to make some thoughtful course choices that light them up and bring them joy.

Our Core Program

As we’ve learned from our partnership with Challenge Success out of Stanford University, engaged kids are well kids, and students are engaged at Kent Denver. Our academic program begins with three years of English, History, Math, Science and World Language. Each year, our incredible teachers continue to sharpen the curricula of these core courses and deepen their scope and sequence.

Choice in Middle School: Arts, World Languages, Athletics and Electives

What do you want to study? Who do you want to be?

Here at Kent Denver, students may choose from a wide array of semester courses in the Visual and Performing Arts. Students also choose a World Language to study—either Chinese, French or Spanish. Students with previous experience in a World Language may also sit for a placement exam to enter into Kent Denver with advanced standing.

Additionally, students get to be a “Sun Devil” on the field, gyms or court as they have access to our Middle School athletics program in all three grades of their middle school years. Students can choose to play a sport or participate in our Wellness Courses such as Yoga, Rock Climbing, Strength & Conditioning, or the Winter Musical.

Middle School Electives are another a long-standing and successful Kent Denver program. In a typical year, students choose from more than two dozen offerings, including Student Leadership, REEFS (scuba certification and citizen science), Jewelry Making, Robotics, Culinary Creations, Makers, Traveling Sun Devils and more. Each elective is tailored to get you out of your seat, make something new and have fun in the process. Over the course of your middle school years, you can take up to six different elective offerings!


Innovation Scholars

Have you ever explored a topic on your own and wanted more time in the day to pursue your interests? How fun would it be to be able to study that topic here at Kent Denver, with support of a mentor and get school credit for your interests? Students in Middle School now have access to a plethora of choices in our Innovation Scholars program.

You can choose from multiple tracks: Tech & Design; Entrepreneurial Education, or Experimental Research, to name a few. Not sure what you might be interested in? Take one of our electives in these tracks to gain exposure and see what strikes your fancy! We offer Electives in Technology, Design, Digital Art, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Product Design and more!

Middle School Student Support

We know middle school can be both an exciting and turbulent time and we have many structures and systems in place to ensure our students are known, seen and cared for. Our advisory program in middle school stresses the importance of adult advocacy and student agency. Similarly, our dean system supports each student with a lead dean for all three years of their middle school experience. We also have one counselor and a learning specialist who are here to create and sustain a caring, safe and vibrant school culture.

What do you want to learn? Who do you want to become? Come to Kent Denver to explore, grow and learn. We can’t wait to meet you!

Kent Denver School: What education should be!