Kent Denver Curriculum Guide and Course List

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Middle School: Joyful Learning and a Foundation for Life

Kent Denver’s Middle School program is designed to address the unique academic, artistic, physical, creative and moral development of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.

Among our major goals are to foster strong character and to build questioning minds, critical thinking skills, fluency with mathematical concepts, and proficiency with oral and written expression.

Through a carefully designed structure at each grade level, we provide a natural and developmentally-appropriate transition from elementary school to middle school, and then from middle school to upper school. Our Middle School advisor system is designed to support, encourage and guide students through these vitally important years.

One key element of our Middle School program is the extended field trips, which offer students the chance to try new skills, take appropriate risks and widen perspectives. All Middle School students participate in a fall trip, a winter interim program and a spring trip. Each of these experiences encourages the formation of new friendships, the gaining of new knowledge, and the creation of a common experience to be used as a springboard for further work on campus.

Through a broad and challenging curriculum, our Middle-Schoolers are prepared for the wide range of courses—as well as the opportunities—available in the Upper School.

Kent Denver’s Middle School creates experiences that encourage students to discover joy in learning and to make good decisions about their lives—decisions that are grounded in careful thought, individual responsibility, and the commitment to a value system that respects both self and others.


The goal of the sixth-grade program is to develop excellence in scholarship and character. Responsibility to self and community, respect for others’ ideas and property, trustworthiness and compassion to act on behalf of others are promoted in all of our activities.

The program employs an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the development of humankind and culture along with vibrant math and science clases. This academically rigorous, yet developmentally appropriate, program uses a variety of educational materials and methods to teach skills, content and concepts. Additionally, sixth-graders choose from a varied list of world language offerings, arts classes, and electives.

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade

In seventh- and eighth-grade, students move to a departmentalized structure with distinct classes in English, history, math, science, world language and fine arts. Additionally, all students choose from a varied list of elective offerings.

Advisory Program

Advisors and deans play a critical role in guiding students through these transitional middle school years. A distinct advisory curriculum includes sessions on topics ranging from digital literacy to friendships to gratitude. Throughout these years, we stress developing independence, organizational skills and self-advocacy.

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