Innovation and Agency

The Office of Innovation increases the capacity for student innovation and agency by nurturing curiosity, creativity and collaboration. As students learn to customize and direct their learning experiences, they are better equipped to construct meaning, navigate change and address challenges in today's rapidly-changing world.
Expanding learning opportunities
Between Kent Denver's Institute Coursework and our partner coursework with Global Online Academy and One Schoolhouse, the Office of Innovation expands Kent Denver's curricular offerings. Students can earn credit in over 40 additional classes fostering opportunities to customize learning beyond our core academic departments.  Additionally, through our Innovation Scholars Program, students are empowered to build their own learning objectives, design their own learning projects, and produce their own portfolio of work.
Extending learning communitiesThrough our Global Online Academy and One Schoolhouse partnerships students also have the ability to meet and be in class with like-minded, motivated students beyond the walls of Kent Denver.  Students cite making friendships that last beyond the class and gaining new perspectives from these classmates from around the world.  Additionally, through our Innovation Scholars Program students work to expand their learning network to include mentors, experts, and peers who pursuing similar interests.
Enhancing learning experiences
Our Innovation, Information, and Technology groups give students access to library and impact studio spaces inside and outside of their classes.  As learning hubs, these spaces house the staff, resources, and tools to provide instructional support that enhances learning in any discipline. Students are equipped to connect their learning goals to critical innovation processes including research, design, data analysis, prototyping, project management, change management, systems thinking, and entrepreneurial action.    


If you have questions about our student experiences, reach out to Chief Innovation and Information Officer, Michael Ehrenfried, to learn more.