Kent Denver Curriculum Guide and Course List

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Global Online Academy

Kent Denver is proud to be a member of the Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of schools that connects students from all over the world. The mission of GOA is to replicate in online classrooms the intellectually-rigorous programs and excellent teaching that are hallmarks of its member schools; to foster new and effective ways, through best practices in online education, for students to learn; and to promote students’ global awareness and understanding by creating truly diverse, worldwide, online schoolroom communities.

GOA offers Kent Denver students the opportunity to learn alongside peers from around the world and to test their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus.

"By teaching our students 21st-century learning skills we can prepare them to be global citizens who can communicate with people who have backgrounds different from their own; who can collaborate effectively with peers in other states or even on different continents; who can advocate for their own learning; who can publish their work and ideas in a format that will preserve their work in perpetuity; and who know how to be creative, flexible, proactive learners."- GOA website

With Global Online Academy, teachers and students can share their voice on a global stage, improving learning and enabling the pursuit of individual passions. There are currently more than 50 independent schools in the GOA consortium, representing three continents, four countries, 21 states, and the District of Columbia. All GOA courses are taught by teachers who are currently teaching at a GOA member school.

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