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Graduation Requirement: Four years of Upper School study.

We value critical and appreciative reading, lucid and beautiful writing, logical and imaginative thinking. In the English department, we hope to develop reverence for, and understanding of, literature as a direct path to these skills and habits.

By leading a thoughtful exploration of engaging works of literature, we help students begin to ponder human nature, the world around them and their place in it.

The study of literature also prompts questions related to craft and composition. To communicate their insights, ideas and questions, students need a clear sense of sentence, paragraph and essay structure, and they need to be aware of the many choices available to them as writers and speakers. To that end, the English faculty teach a wide range of writing, reading and speaking skills at all levels, designed to foster precision and elegance in composition and in thought.

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Meet Our English Faculty

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Daniel Barocas

Daniel Barocas

Titles: Dean of the Class of 2022, English Teacher

B.A. - English
M.A. - Holocaust and Genocide Studies

"Kent Denver has a rich tradition of both academic excellence and real-world preparation for its students. I look forward to immersing myself in the Sun Devil community and to fostering impactful and lasting relationships with students and faculty members alike."

Mr. Barocas joined Kent Denver after 12 years at Overland High School, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 2017. At Overland, he served as an English teacher, yearbook advisor, boys' lacrosse coach and Student Council sponsor among other duties.

Logan Brown

Logan Brown

Titles: English Teacher

M.A. Literature
B.A. Political Science

"I enjoy teaching because it requires me to always be a student, and I learn every day from my students. I try to make literature relevant to students' lives. It is my hope that they are using our discussions of texts to examine their own lives."

Ms. Brown knows she made the right decision to work at Kent Denver every time she witnesses the physical beauty of our campus, the kindness and collaborative spirit of her colleagues and the welcoming nature of the Kent Denver community.

"I hope that when students reflect on my class they will remember being pushed out of their comfort zone and having to think in new ways through heated debates, lively discussions, Shakespearean skits, graphing out Huck Finn's morality or drawing Holden Caulfield isolated on a hill."

Ms. Brown also hopes to be known as a teacher who cared deeply about her students and worked hard to make independent schools more inclusive.

Katherine Crowley

Katherine Crowley

Titles: Middle School English and History Teacher
BA - History and American Studies
MA - English

"Students are incredible sources of compassion, imagination and joy. I love the challenge of helping them to become more thoughtful readers, writers, thinkers and citizens."

Prior to joining the faculty at Kent Denver, Ms. Crowley taught English and history at The Webb Schools in Claremont, California and St. Andrew's School in Middletown, Delaware.
Loni DesJardin

Loni DesJardin

Titles: Chair, English Department

B.A. - English Education
M.A. - English Education
Burges M. Green Distinguished Teaching Chair

"I want my professional legacy to be that of a kind, fun-loving teacher who helped students become comfortable and confident in speaking and writing...a good joke teller."

Prior to joining Kent Denver, Ms. DesJardin worked in a girls' school in Nashville, TN. She enjoys Kent Denver because, she says, "the community is THE BEST!"

"The kids energize me. I love every aspect of teaching high schoolers”academically, socially and emotionally," Ms. DesJardin says. "I get to know them on a personal level and show them how much I care."

1 2 3 5 > showing 1 - 4 of 17 constituents