For College Admission Officers

Welcome College Admission Officers! Thank you for your interest in Kent Denver School and our students. 

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How to Schedule a Visit

Thank you for your interest in visiting Kent Denver School this year. Kent Denver School invites any college or university that is a NACAC member and has received at least one application from a Kent Denver student within the past four years to schedule a visit in the fall of 2021.

We will offer both in-person and virtual visit options this fall. Please use MaiaLearning to schedule your visit. 

Given the complexity of hosting both in-person and virtual visits, we will have to limit the number of schools that visit Kent Denver School in the fall of 2021. There are a great many schools to which Kent Denver students have not applied in the past four years; we regret that we cannot accommodate all of the schools that wish to visit us. If you remain interested in scheduling a visit but haven’t had an applicant in the last four years, please contact Jessica Raab. Last fall (September–November) we hosted more than 150 visits from colleges and universities and therefore appreciate your understanding of our visit policy.

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