Innovation, Information and Technology

The Innovation, Information and Technology Groups (IIT) at Kent Denver work together to support and equip our school to thoughtfully engage a technology-rich, globally-connected, faster-future.  We accomplish that by providing access to appropriate learning resources, spaces and experiences that enhance processes of research, design, and value-creation.

Vetted educational technologies are one of the cornerstones of Kent Denver’s modern approach to learning. IIT helps ensure technology functions as it should, delivers or facilitates desired outcomes and—because learning is not confined to the classrooms here—is easy to use both at school and at home.

In addition to managing the Duncan Center learning facility, IIT is responsible for maintaining the school’s computer network and telephone system, overseeing our technology purchase decisions, spearheading our one-to-one laptop program and supporting student, faculty and staff computer repair needs via an authorized, on-site Apple repair office.

Meet Our Team

Photos of our 12-person IIT Team

The Duncan Center: A 21st Century Academic Facility

Photo of tables and work areas in Duncan Center library

The Duncan Center is more than a library. It is the information and innovation hub of the school, and it is also an interactive and collaborative learning commons. This space includes:

Innovative Technology Experiences

  • Virtual Reality
  • Impact Studios: Laser cutting, 3D printing, Maker supplies
  • Technology projects that integrate with and support curriculum

Research and Technology Help

  • Information and digital literacy instruction
  • 30 databases for academic research
  • Access to 110,000 e-books

Books and Magazines

  • Fiction and graphic novel collection for independent reading
  • Access to 100 Colorado libraries
  • Over 30 print and online magazines and newspapers

Library Catalogs and Technology Resources

Upper and Middle School Impact Studios

Kent Denver's Impact Studios are amazing innovation spaces that provide everything students need to design, build and create!

Dedicated educators help students explore possibilities in design and entrepreneurship with high-tech equipment including a CNC machine, metal lathe, 3-D printers, digital laser cutters, Virtual Reality equipment and numerous digital and analog tools to design and build almost anything!

Upper School

Girl uses saw in Middle School Impact Studio

Middle School

One-to-One Laptop Program

Having access to a computer has become essential to students at every grade level. In the classroom, Kent Denver teachers leverage computer-based activities to enhance the overall learning experience. Outside of class, students are able to access the internet via our secure, filtered and monitored Wi-Fi network to continue relevant educational pursuits.

Additionally, Kent Denver uses an intuitive online learning management system called Canvas that allows teachers to post course descriptions, homework assignments and other relevant information online and empowers students to ask questions after school, upload homework quickly, easily—and always on time..

All KDS students are required to bring a laptop to school.

Kent Denver School is pleased to offer a One-to-One laptop purchase program that allows families to purchase a computer that meets their academic needs at a competitive price.

A laptop purchased through the Kent Denver program will come with all site licensed software required for our courses. In addition to the discount purchase option, Kent Denver has Apple-certified technicians on site to offer hardware and software support for all laptops purchased through our laptop program.


Technology Use Resources for Parents & Guardians

Technology is a wonderful tool—however its effect is significant. Technology use forms many of our subconscious daily routines and often removes our decision making control.

Adolescents form technology use habits as they also explore their identity, desiring independence and pushing boundaries. Social media takes this experimentation and creates a public, permanent, searchable archive that can be accessed with the push of a button. Yet this public sandbox is attractive to adolescents in ways we do not always understand.

Fortunately, there are steadily improving resources to help families, educators and adolescents be more intentional about their technology and media use. Common Sense Media is one such nonprofit committed to providing resources. Their mission is to “help kids thrive in a world of media and technology.”

Kent Denver has curated some of Common Sense Media’s best resources and contextualized them for our setting. These resources are divided into four categories: understanding the technology, developing family agreements, having ongoing conversations, and asking questions.