Our 6-12 Program

A World-Class Liberal Arts Program for Grades 6–12

Where will a Kent Denver student's journey lead? The possibilities are endless.

At Kent Denver, students can be who they want to be. They are encouraged to explore their interests, talents and passions. There are no intellectual or creative limits here. As a result, students often achieve, then surpass, their own expectations.

Our seven-year, liberal arts program provides a comprehensive foundation for higher education. We aspire to equip each student with the scholarship, character, focus and grit to excel here—then successfully navigate the transition from our community to college, and from college to a full, meaningful, self-determined life.

"I definitely appreciate that Kent Denver gave me a well-rounded education and strong language and writing skills. When I got to college, what was easiest for me was to write and think critically. I think that helped me in many ways. It laid the groundwork to be able to handle college-level work and to be able to communicate effectively in writing.
—Paige Dorn, M.D. 

Kent Denver academic department chairs, faculty, advisors and deans work together to monitor student progress in all realms. Given the unique developmental needs of middle-schoolers, we also provide a Middle School Dean of Instruction who is responsible for supporting, guiding and assisting with Middle School faculty growth.

Additionally, Kent Denver administrators have direct daily contact with students. We believe this interaction helps school leaders maintain a student-centric perspective and supports our goal of ensuring all Kent Denver students are surrounded by adults who know them by name, and who smile and greet them every day.

Our Curriculum

Kent Denver's liberal arts program empowers students to think and solve problems, write and speak effectively, work collaboratively with others and pursue a broad view of the world.

Our rigorous curriculum constantly evolves to keep pace with the latest developments in teaching, the requests of our innovative faculty and the needs of our curious, highly motivated students.

A progressive sequence of increasingly challenging classes stimulate intellect, promote curiosity and ready students for the demands of higher education.

Kent Denver School 2023–24 Curriculum Guide

2023-24 Curriculum Guide

Our academic program, athletics and extracurriculars define an exceptional college preparatory education. Take a moment to view our full list of course offerings for the coming school year in the Kent Denver School 2023–24 Curriculum Guide.