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Extraordinary Educational Experiences
Sun Devils learn by doing. Kent Denver values self-directed learning where students are engaged, active participants in the classroom. Every graduate will be a well-rounded, passionate learner.

Extraordinary Education Defined

Our seven-year, liberal arts program provides a comprehensive foundation for higher education based in mastery of skills. We aspire to equip each student with the scholarship, character, focus and grit to excel here—then successfully navigate the transition from our community to college and from college to a full, meaningful, self-determined life.

While at Kent Denver, students can be who they want to be. They are given agency to explore their interests, talents and passions. There are no intellectual or creative limits here. As a result, students often achieve, then surpass, their own expectations. Students are seen, heard and supported every step of the way—ensuring every Sun Devils feels a sense of belonging that extends long after graduation.

Kent Denver fostered my ability to be critical and inquisitive of the systems around me. The fantastic teachers at Kent saw my potential and helped me develop a range of skills to which I owe a great deal of my success; for that, I am eternally grateful. Tori Harwell '20 Rhodes Scholar 

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Academics at Kent Denver

Kent Denver's liberal arts program empowers students to think and solve problems, write and speak effectively, work collaboratively with others and pursue a broad view of the world. Our rigorous curriculum constantly evolves to keep pace with the latest developments in teaching, the requests of our innovative faculty and the needs of our curious, highly motivated students.

A progressive sequence of increasingly challenging classes stimulate intellect, promote curiosity and ready students for the demands of higher education.

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Why We

At Kent Denver, learning extends beyond the students. Our faculty make it a priority to create, innovate, connect and collaborate, all while sharing their passion for being life-long learners with our community of scholars. Hear more from some of our extraordinary educators.

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Evan Gaffney

Science Teacher

Taylor Pringle

Art Teacher

More About Kent Denver

From music and theatre to the visual arts, students can get creative.

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Explore our award-winning Signature Programs.

Find Your Passion

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Students can customize and direct their learning experiences.

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