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Middle SchoolJoyful Learning and a Foundation for Life

Life in middle school should be a combination of curiosity, exposure and limitless possibility! Students here benefit from a program steeped in our deep tradition of excellence in scholarship and character, while also having the agency to make thoughtful course choices that bring them joy.

Two KDS students smile and wave at the camera with their arms around each other
Two middle school boys working on a packet in spanish class

As we’ve learned from our partnership with Challenge Success out of Stanford University, engaged kids are well kids, and students are engaged at Kent Denver. Our academic program begins with three years of English, history, math, science, world language and visual and performing arts. Each year, our incredible teachers continue to sharpen the curricula of these core courses and deepen their scope and sequence.

Explore Our Middle School Curriculum

A Day in the Life

Every day at Kent Denver is full of adventure, discovery, growth, creativity and fun! Get a feel for what a day in the Middle School is like with our interactive schedule. Below is an example of a Monday A Day schedule for a Middle School student. To explore a full week, please view our Middle School schedule.

  • 8:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m.

Period 0: Science

  • 10:05 a.m.
10:05 a.m.

Period 1: Math

  • 11:05 a.m.
11:05 a.m.


Enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal in our world-class dining hall.

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  • 11:45 a.m.
11:45 a.m.

Period 3: Art

In 6th grade, students are introduced to the Arts at Kent Denver through a yearlong rotation that provides a sampling of what 7th and 8th grade students experience in more depth—including dance, music, technical theatre, theatre and visual arts classes.

Discover the Arts at Kent Denver

  • 12:45 p.m.
12:45 p.m.

Period 4: English

  • 1:45 p.m.
1:45 p.m.


  • 2 p.m.
2 p.m.

Period 5: Chinese

  • 3:05 p.m.
3:05 p.m.

Sports Practice

Every Middle School student is required to participate in a sport or performance activity each fall, winter and spring season.

Explore our Athletics Offerings

Middle School Choices

We let our middle school students answer the questions: What do you want to study? Who do you want to be? In addition to a wide array of semester courses available in the Visual and Performing Arts, students in Middle School are able to choose which World Language—Chinese, French or Spanish—they’d like to study. Take a look at some of the other options students can choose from in Middle School.

Middle School students performing The Many Disguises of Robin Hood


The Middle School arts curriculum encompasses a broad sampling of both visual and performing arts and nurtures artistic growth at all levels. In 6th grade, students are introduced to the Arts at Kent Denver through a yearlong rotation that provides a sampling of what 7th and 8th grade students experience in more depth.

In 7th and 8th grade, students are able to choose their art specialties from dance, music, theatre and visual arts. Students take four single-semester arts courses, and three of the four semesters must be in a different area.

Discover the Arts at Kent Denver

middle school cross country runners


After classes end for the day, Kent Denver middle-schoolers meet for sports or other activities. This is an important time that allows students to try new things, deepen friendships, develop athletic skills and challenge their minds and bodies!

Middle School athletics also give students an opportunity to preview the sports offered in the Upper School, meet their future coaches and create relationships with teammates that will last through high school.

Browse our Athletics Offerings

Students playing with chinese yoyos


Each semester, Middle School students get to choose from more than two dozen offerings designed to get them out of their seat, make something new and have fun in the process. Over the course of a student's middle school years, they can take up to six different elective offerings!

Explore our Clubs & Electives

What Our 
Sun Devils

Why attend Kent Denver? Let some of our middle school students explain what they love about our campus, teachers and curriculum.

Connor C. '29


Connor C. - Class of 2029

Reagan W. '30


Reagan W. - Class of 2030

Lewis R. '30


Harper L. '30


Harper L. - Class of 2030

Harper L. - Class of 2030

Middle School Traditions

A student's three years at Kent Denver Middle School are marked by exploration, growth, self-discovery and, of course, fun! Our graduates look back fondly on their time, which involves some unforgettable traditions unique to Kent Denver.

Students blowing ping pong balls over cups filled with water
Community Time

We value gathering together—whether by grade level or our entire community—to share in the experience of middle school. Throughout the year, students participate in games and competitions during this time to earn points for their grade level.

Middle School students showing chinese characters they wrote

Our advisory program aims to create a safe place for students to build friendships, find support and anchor their middle school experience. Students participate in programming, events and games to celebrate and get to know one another, and Kent Denver at large, all while building an important and meaningful relationship with their advisor.  

Class Socials

Each year, students are treated to class socials where they share a delicious snack and get to spend time together as a grade.

Two middle school girls weeding a flower bed
Service Learning

From studying environmental issues to learning about poverty, each grade level focuses on a specific theme tied to service learning, which includes two workshops each year.

Learn more about Service Learning

Snowy shot of students skiing in the distance on an interim trip

Each spring semester, students embark on unique out-of-classroom experiences that allow them to explore shared passions and build community.

three middle school girls in a winter one acts production
Visual & Performing Arts

Through the visual arts, theatre productions, band program, dance showcases and technical theater courses, students have a number of opportunities to showcase their talents on and off the stage.

Explore the arts at Kent Denver

the class of 2030 posing on rocks during a hike
Class Retreats & Spring Trips

Community is the center of all we do. We begin each school year with class retreats in the fall and celebrate our class unity the last week of the year as students embark on spring trips by grade level.

Meet Your Middle School Support Team

We know middle school can be both an exciting and turbulent time, and we have many structures and systems in place to ensure our students are known, seen and cared for. Browse the friendly faces below to see who works alongside our students throughout their three years at Kent Denver Middle School.

More About Kent Denver

See what's cookin' in our world-class dining hall.

Today's Menu

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Say hello to Bilbo, an important member of our Wellness team.

Student Wellness

Bilbo Waggins Headshot

Kent Denver offers a one-to-one laptop program and on-site support.

Tech Offerings

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