Opening Day Traditions Continue!

Opening Day 2021 showcased two treasured traditions. First, our Centennial Class—the Class of 2022—selected "Life Is a Highway" as their theme for the new school year, to set a tone of overcoming obstacles and surviving through challenges. As students and faculty arrived on campus on Opening Day, the seniors greeted them with cheers, smiles and highway-themed costumes.

In keeping with his tradition of selecting an object to illustrate an important theme for the year, Head of School Rand Harrington selected a tapestry to represent the threads that bind us together into one community with one purpose: to learn.

In the image below, the warp has 12 foundational strands—seven representing each grade level, and one each for families, teachers, staff, alumni and the broader community. The weft, the five red strands, represent Kent Denver's five core values. The weave consists of the bright and colorful threads contributed by each member of our community. Dr. Harrington invited each student to stop by his office this year to weave a thread on the loom.

"This past year we have all had the experience of loss; loss of freedoms, loss of friendships, and even loss of loved ones," says Dr. Harrington. "In the year of our 100th anniversary as a school, in which we reflect on our history, we must ask ourselves, which threads of our past are worth preserving and which threads are holding us back and preventing us from being our best selves. I am asking each of you to join me in weaving a new tapestry, one that will take us strongly and with pride into our next 100 years."

See video highlights from Opening Day below!

Kent Denver 2021 Opening Day Highlight Video from Kent Denver School on Vimeo.

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