Middle Schoolers Participate in Hour of Code

This week during community time, Kent Denver middle schoolers spent an hour with their classmates learning the valuable skill of coding. “Hour of Code” is a global movement meant to promote computer science and show that anyone can learn the basics of coding, and Kent Denver is excited to join this year! 

With fun games like “Ozario: Your Journey Begins” and “Minecraft: Hero’s Journey”, students used their computers and practiced engaging activities to familiarize themselves with coding. 

Teachers Alainey Hellman, Laurie Chandler and Emily Noblesala led the effort to introduce the school to the “Hour of Code”—a window of time they believe will positively impact students now and into the future. 

“Coding is incredibly useful in a lot of jobs. It’s the basis of so much of our world right now,” says Ms. Chandler. “If you can code, you’ll have many opportunities available to you. From a math perspective, it teaches you problem solving and how to think logically. Not to mention, it does so in a really interesting and fun way.” 

All Middle School teachers supervised their normal study hall rooms, while student helpers—7th and 8th grade Honors Algebra students already familiar with the coding activities—made their way from classroom to classroom to assist other students as needed. 

“Obviously, not every kid is going into Computer Science or majoring in some technological field,” Ms. Hellman says. “But, as tech is becoming more integrated into our lives, having that foundation of how coding works is beneficial to every student no matter what they’re studying in the future. I saw a ton of kids who were engaged. We want the students who’ve never thought about computer science before to get that exposure, and “Hour of Code” is a super fun and easy way to get that experience.” 

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