Kent Denver Robotics Wins Two Awards at Windsor Tournament

Kent Denver’s outstanding robotics program won two awards at this weekend’s VEX Robotics Competition in Windsor, Colorado. The Sun Devils brought two teams—3946A and 3946E—to the tournament and each came home with a separate trophy. 

Team A—made up of seniors Jack Greco, Jake Fanale, Lily Zook, Evan Stubbs, Frances Middleton-Davis, Trent Blair, Max Elder, William Writer and Ryan Smith—was recognized as the Robot Skills Champion, given to the team with the highest skills score by the end of the day. 

Team E—led by seniors Jack Hughes, Henry Johnson, Gavin Dhanda, Julian Dhanda, Landon Ellis and Ishan Tandon—received the Design Award for having implemented a quality robot with an effective and efficient design. 

The successful weekend comes just five months after Kent Denver placed second at the VEX Robotics World Championship—the greatest finish in school history. 

"While our teams don't normally complete this early in the school year, both A and E brought their all to Windsor's tournament, and the coaches couldn't be more proud!” says head Robotics coach Alainey Hellman. “This tournament was such a great start to this season, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year. Go Sun Devils!"

While Kent Denver’s senior teams got an early start to the 2021—22 season, the rest of the Upper School teams are currently hard at work building and designing their robots for the year ahead. 

The next tournament is scheduled for December 11 in Colorado Springs, where the Sun Devils expect to bring all six of their Upper School teams. The Middle School teams will start their season in mid-November, with competitions beginning in the spring semester. 

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