Closing the gap between research and practice in areas critical to education's future

The Institutes at Kent Denver are an educational initiative managed by the Office of Innovation.  Individual institutes strategically resource intentional areas of education critical to its future.  In addition to partnerships with industry professionals, each institute has a restricted endowment to support its work.  Currently, Kent Denver has three Institutes: The Rollins Institute for Technology and Design, the Anschutz-Hunt Institute for Entrepreneurial Education, and the Walker Institute for Wellness.  
Bringing together diverse expertise and skills

Innovative problem solving requires access to deep expertise and diverse perspectives.  As such each institute seeks to attract professional, educational and community partners in order to collectively share resources, ask questions, identify problems and glean insights into the field.  This network of researchers, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders is accessible to Kent Denver and the broader community in order to help close the gap between research and classroom practices.

Prototyping extraordinary educational experiences 

Through the Office of Innovation, a symbiotic relationship is created between Kent Denver and its Institutes that accelerates educational innovation and leverages Institute expertise.  Institutes support the shaping of educational experiences at Kent Denver School and Kent Denver’s educational experiences inform future work of the Institutes.   Students, faculty, and parents benefit from this relationship in the form of professional development, coursework, mentorship, funding, resources and other forms of programming. 

Increasing access to extraordinary educational experiences 

Institutes strive to add value to and increase resources for the broader educational community, specifically in under-resourced schools. Through their work, Institutes partner to create and share programming, curriculum, and events that inspire meaningful change.






collaboration space in Impact Studio


The Institutes

Anschutz-Hunt Institute for Entrepreneurial Education
The Anschutz-Hunt Institute for Entrepreneurial Education was founded in 2017.  It is one of two institutes that directly resources the Office of Innovation. Through  middle and upper school coursework, mentorship for entrepreneurial ventures, and  support for faculty integrating entrepreneurial principles in their classrooms, this institute empowers our community to turn good ideas into action.
Rollins Institute for Technology & Design  
The Rollins Institute for Technology and Design was founded in 2017. It is one of two institutes that directly resources the Office of Innovation. The Rollins Institute infuses design principles and technological expertise into the Kent Denver community. Housed in our Impact Studios, it provides access to rapid prototyping tools, our signature robotics program, and a robust sequence of courses for middle and upper schoolers.
Walker Institute for Wellness  
The Walker Institute for Wellness was founded in 2020. It resources the Scobie Center for Student Life as well as Athletics and Wellness programs. In partnership with higher education institutions including Stanford, Yale and the University of Colorado, the Institute supports programs that foster robust lifelong mental, physical and emotional health, as well as wellness coursework.