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What would happen if teachers and students felt empowered to brainstorm, create, test, refine—and even launch—projects designed to improve educational experiences and outcomes? How quickly could education quality improve if inspired practitioners and innovative thinkers collaborated on education's most pressing issues?

The Office of Innovation was created to provide the connections, resources and encouragement educators need to accelerate educational research, partnerships, and innovation both at Kent Denver School and in programs at schools throughout Colorado, across the nation and, potentially, around the world.

What Inspires Us

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The Social Labs Revolution: A New Approach to Solving Our Most Complex Problems by Zaid Hassan

In his book, Hassan proposes we have social labs to solve our most pressing social challenges just as scientific and technical labs research and solve pressing scientific and technical challenges. In the same vein, we see the Office of Innovation an educational lab, working to tackle educational issues. In no small part, Hassan’s three characteristics of socials labs— social, experimental and systematic—inspired the Office of Innovation’s values of strengthening partnerships, accelerating growth and catalyzing impact.

— Michael Ehrenfried, Chief Innovation Officer

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