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School Leadership & Strategic Vision
With a collaborative, student-focused approach, our leadership team works to strengthen our school community and pursue our Strategic Vision now and into the future.

Our Strategic Vision:
Building a Foundation for the Next Century

Transforming lives of students and community through extraordinary educational experiences.
Excellence in scholarship and character is the goal of a Kent Denver education. We aim to create a diverse community of responsible citizens. To that end, our school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and sets high ethical standards.
Integrity • Respect • Personal Growth • Community • Wisdom


Defining Extraordinary Educational Experiences

Kent Denver is known for defining—and redefining—what a college preparatory education can and should be. An extraordinary educational experience not only prepares students for college but also for a full, meaningful and self-determined life. Mastery, agency and belonging are the hallmarks of an extraordinary education.


Guided by exceptional faculty, our students develop increasing skill and command of difficult topics.


Students’ interests drive self-initiated, meaningful and personalized learning.


All students feel accepted, valued and included at Kent Denver.

The Strategic Framework

Providing an extraordinary education demands that we maintain our financial sustainability and structure our school to be flexible and responsive. An extraordinary education also requires that we expand our role to create deep, reciprocal connections with the broader community—learning from and contributing our expertise to our community and extending the Kent Denver educational experience well beyond our campus.

As we explored ideas for the strategic plan, we identified three primary domains of influence: our students, our educators and our community.

We will transform the lives of students through educational experiences that impart agency and mastery and cultivate a sense of belonging.
We will inspire and develop lifelong educators who create extraordinary educational experiences for students.
We will partner with the professional and local community to enhance our students’ educational experiences, and we will use our resources to serve the broader community.

We also identified the critical operational components of an extraordinary educational experience, which emerged as five deeply interconnected, interdisciplinary strategic initiatives to continue Kent Denver’s transformation over the next five years:

Arts & Academics, Wellness & Athletics, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Innovation, and Sustainability

For each of these strategic initiatives, we have articulated a promise—our aspirational vision for an extraordinary educational experience. Goals set our five-year target and describe the change needed to achieve each goal. 

Our Goals and Promises

Strategic Initiative: Academics & Arts

Strategic Initiative: Academics & Arts

Arts and Academics Logo

Our Promise | We will continue to provide our students with the highest caliber college preparatory education. We will offer relevant, challenging, innovative learning experiences that are responsive to student interests, foster collaboration and build the skills students need to succeed in college and beyond.

Goal 1 | Create opportunities for every student to identify and pursue their passions through personalized learning

Goal 2 | Deeply integrate the arts into the life of the school and the broader community

Goal 3 | Recruit, support and retain world-class faculty and staff who are committed to our mission

Goal 4 | Provide outstanding professional development opportunities for educators

Strategic Initiative: Wellness & Athletics

Strategic Initiative: Wellness & Athletics

Wellness and Athletics Logo

Our Promise | We will continue to prioritize personal and community well-being, developed through physical and psychological wellness, character development and development of skills that prepare students to be self-advocates. As a leader in student athletics, we will leverage sports to address social, emotional and character development as well as mental and physical health..

Goal 1 | Expand our commitment to personal wellness by adopting best practices and embracing innovative approaches

Goal 2 | Optimize campus spaces to support wellness and athletics

Goal 3 | Fully integrate wellness and athletic goals in student and faculty life

Goal 4 | Enrich the school/family partnership through training and support grounded in our wellness and athletics philosophy

Strategic Initiative: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Strategic Initiative: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Logo

Our Promise | We will foster a diverse community and a culture where all differences and identities across gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and economic background are valued, celebrated and recognized as essential to our dynamic learning environment. Our pedagogy will reflect diverse perspectives, and anti-racism, cultural competency and the contributions of diverse peoples will be deeply embedded in the curriculum across all disciplines.

Goal 1 | Ensure that all Kent Denver graduates have the cultural competence, knowledge and skills to successfully navigate a diverse world

Goal 2 | Recruit, support and retain students with diverse backgrounds and identities from across the Denver Metro area

Goal 3 | Recruit, support and retain educators with diverse backgrounds and identities

Goal 4 | Grow the cultural competency and capacity of adults—particularly faculty and parents—to teach and model diversity, equity and inclusion

Goal 5 | Ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of Breakthrough at Kent Denver and more deeply integrate the partnership between Breakthrough and Kent Denver School

Strategic Initiative: Innovation

Strategic Initiative: Innovation

Innovation Logo

Our Promise | We will lead in educational innovation, preparing students, faculty and staff to effectively engage the future by increasing their ability to navigate change and growing their capacity for curiosity, creativity and collaboration. We will apply our intellectual capital in the broader community, sharing ideas and knowledge to advance education, enrich student educational experiences and serve the greater good.

Goal 1 | Ensure the long-term sustainability of programming to support student innovation and agency

Goal 2 | Support a culture of ongoing educational innovation and continuous learning, including collaborating and sharing with other educational professionals.

Goal 3 | Expand and support Kent Denver’s portfolio of institutes and partnerships to strengthen connections across the broader community

Strategic Initiative: Sustainability

Strategic Initiative: Sustainability


Our Promise | We will maintain a sustainable financial model that balances revenue from tuition, our endowment, philanthropic giving and other sources with the need to attract and retain the best faculty, staff and administrators; fuel continued programmatic innovation; expand the diversity of our student body; and maintain our campus and facilities. We will be accountable and transparent about our financial and strategic decision-making.

Goal 1 | Identify meaningful measures of success for each strategic initiative

Goal 2 | Achieve financial goals through disciplined financial management and fundraising

Goal 3 | Expand efforts to increase environmental sustainability and reduce the environmental impacts of our programs and facilities

Goal 4 | Grow the spirit of philanthropy at Kent Denver





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