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Transforming lives of students and community through extraordinary educational experiences.

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Mastery Agency Belonging


Guided by exceptional faculty, our students develop increasing skill and command of difficult topics.

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Students’ interests drive self-initiated, meaningful and personalized learning.

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All students feel accepted, valued and included at Kent Denver.

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Sun Devils learn by doing. Both in and out of the classroom, students develop and grow through active and self-directed learning, all while finding their voice and learning the skills they need to tackle real world issues.

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Tselot H. '25

Upper School Student

Tselot H. - Class of 2025

Tselot H. - Class of 2025

Lewis R. '30

Middle School Student

Lucas Z. '24


Lucas Z. - Class of 2024

Lucas Z. - Class of 2024

Reagan W. '30

Middle School Student

Juliet M. '24


Juliet M. - Class of 2024

Juliet M. - Class of 2024

Bradley Jackson

Director of Wellness

Bradley Jackson - Director of Wellness

Bradley Jackson - Director of Wellness

Caleb F. '26


Caleb F. - Class of 2026

Caleb F. - Class of 2026

Harper L. '30

Middle School Student

Evan Gaffney

Physics Teacher

With 200+ acres of beautiful open spaces and state-of-the-art facilities overlooking the Rocky Mountains, Kent Denver has the environment and resources for students to enhance their learning and unlock their creativity.

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A campus like no other.

A Caring Inclusive Community
Be Present Live Well
Social Responsibility and Impact
Moments That Matter

A Caring, Inclusive Community

At Kent Denver, we foster a culture where all members of our community are recognized, valued and celebrated—empowering each student to be the best version of themselves while learning from one another.

Learn about Equity and Community Engagement at Kent Denver 

Be present. Live Well.

Health and wellness is at the forefront of everything we do at Kent Denver. We ensure that every student feels supported as they build skills to lead happy, balanced and productive lives.

Meet our Wellness Team, including our Therapy Dog, Bilbo Waggins!

Social Responsibility & Impact

Kent Denver has long supported community service and service learning —both bedrocks of emotional and academic growth. Students here focus on sustainable impact, ethical leadership and citizenship development.

Learn about Service at Kent Denver

Moments That Matter

We believe students learn and grow best when they are given the freedom, time and opportunity to explore, create, compete and have fun both inside and outside the classroom.

See Weekly Photos from campus in our viewpoints gallery

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